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The most commonly asked questions!

-Do you have pre made cakes?

Im sorry there are no pre made cakes. Every cake is custom designed and pre ordered 

-What is the average cost?

Since every cake is. unique design and customary tailored, there is no "average" cost

-What is your turn around time?

Generally 3/4 weeks although large weddings can book 6 months in advance 

-Do you deliver?

Delivery is available for weddings and large orders. there is a delivery fee based on mileage 

-Do you offer kids cakes?

I dont specialize in theme or novelty cakes (i.e. cartoon characters/ tv shows. ) Styles like unicorns and mermaids are right up my alley! 

-Any glutton or dairy free options?

There are no glutton, dairy free or allergy free options I'm sorry! 

-How do I order? 

Just shoot me an email with the day you're looking for, serving size, desired style and we can go from there! 

How you accept payment?

I take a non refundable deposit to book each order. All payments are made through Zelle, Venmo or cash 

Feel free to reach out if I missed a question! 

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