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Taste the Magic with

Cakes by LaLa

Boutique style cakes for every occasion

Cakes by Lala

Meet Lala

Cakes by LaLa is the  go-to for custom, one-of-a kind cakes in the greater metro Washington area. A cake by LaLa is sure to make any special occasion truly unique. Check out @CakesByLalaE on Instagram for daily design post!

Message from the artist:

Baking has always had a steady presence in my life. Through my formative years, I baked cakes for all my sibling’s birthdays - no small feat with 8 brothers and sisters!

My passion and love for baking has never wavered and nothing makes me happier than to participate in the special celebrations of life.

My cakes, especially my signature creamy vanilla buttercream icing, have been tested and perfected over the years. You can count on my attention to detail and expect every cake to be memorable and picture perfect.

Whether it’s a birthday or wedding, or you just want to show someone you care - I will create the perfect little cake for you.


Single Tier Cakes

For every occasion

Single tiered cakes are perfect for all types of celebrations and comes in varying sizes. Birthdays, holidays, office functions, you name it and this is the cake for you. Every cake is unique with individual details that you wont see in other bakeries


Tiered Cakes

For days you'll never forget

Weddings, anniversaries, or just a big birthday, a tiered cake is the way to go. Tiered cakes are two or three tiers tall and are suitable for larger celebrations from serves of 40 coffee portions (1"x1") and upwards.  Not only will I work with you to match your idea, you will taste the Cakes by LaLa difference.


Custom Designs

For the more specific

While I don't specialize in childrens cakes or themes, there are a few designs Im more than happy to help with.



A great add on to any cake 

The perfect solution when you need extra bites 

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"To be successful, the first thing to do

is fall in love with your work"

Sister Mary Lauretta

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